Gremolata-Inspired Chimichurri

2014-06-15 17.59.59

Do you ever have a week where you feel beaten up? Like you’re the world’s punching bag, or worse – its punchline? That’s how last week felt, for a variety of reasons that have already been vocalized over a few hefty glasses of wine, along with some very unbecoming ugly-crying. It looked much like this.

When I feel like I’ve been at the mercy of the world and other people’s issues, going into the kitchen to create with careless abandon feels right and freeing. There’s a lot I can’t do, but I can cook and I can write. And where the two meet, I find my center. I also throw myself a pretty awesome pity party, as you can clearly see. BUT WHY’S THE WINE GONE?!

What emerged from my kitchen cry? A wonderfully weird sauce that is basically the lovechild of a classic gremolata and a traditional chimichurri. It’s a little weird to do a full blog post about a condiment that’s not even really a thing, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and say this turned out! It’s also a little odd to have a sauce inspired by a sauce, but you know what?! This is mah blog and I do what I want. That’s another great thing to do when the world punches you in the face: punch it back by doing whatever the eff you want.

Gremolata is simply a blend of herbs, usually parsley, with lemon zest and garlic, while chimichurri is a fabulously green runny parsley and vinegar based Argintinean sauce for meats. This recipe combines the basics of a good gremolata, while adding vinegar for brightness and liquidity and more herbs for flavor, a la a classic chimichurri. What’s missing? Ironically, parsley. I just didn’t have any and had no interest, in my state of extreme crankiness, in going to the store. If you have some, I heartily advise throwing it in.

We used this sauce as a secondary condiment to the famous New York Times Green Goddess Chicken (that recipe coming up tomorrow!) but you could also spoon it over a baked potato, some roasted asparagus, or even on goat cheese crostini. The options are endless really, just as they are for you when you decide to do something. Go do something awesome today. Punch life in the face.

2014-06-15 18.22.19



. Small handful of dill

. 1 chopped scallions (green parts only)

. 3 cloves of garlic

. 1 1/2 teaspoons of dried shallots

. Small shake of dried herb blend – I love Penzey’s Mural of Flavor for pretty much everything, but you can use whatever you like and have on hand.

. 1/2 fresh lemon – zest and juice

. 1 teaspoon (more or less to taste) of apple cider vinegar

. Optional: small splash of EVOO


1. Put everything into a food processor and blend. Taste and adjust any seasonings you find lacking. I ended up adding a small swirl of EVOO at the end, just to smooth things out.

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