Weekly Menu: March 1


This week’s menu planning is brought to you by gratitude – for being back in quasi-warm California after a week in the arctic chill of NYC! New York, you are a beautiful yet frosty wench.

Because it’s been so brisk outside, this is a week of healthy comfort food. These recipes were chosen because there is nice overlap between many of them, so by the end of the week you should have used up everything, especially the fresh sage, parsley, and lemons, those weird hangers-on that usually languish and die at the bottoms of refrigerators. This is why we menu plan.

Another thing to remember as you’re cooking this week – don’t be scared to make substitutions! If you’d rather make the meatballs with ground beef, go for it. If you don’t have a red onion, use a yellow one. Would rather spinach instead of kale? Totally fine. People often get scared to deviate from the recipe, but that’s how we learn!

Plus, if it looks and smells great when you’re done, you’ll likely still have something delicious for dinner.

I wish you a week of happy cooking and even happier eating!


Sunday – Lemon Rosemary Chicken Noodle Soup http://damndelicious.net/2014/04/25/lemon-chicken-orzo-soup/

Monday – Turkey Saltimboca Meatballs http://www.ibreatheimhungry.com/2014/10/turkey-saltimbocca-meatballs-low-carb-gluten-free.html#7CwbaK1lrFR3zPDC.32

Tuesday – Winter Panzanella http://smittenkitchen.com/blog/2006/12/holding-the-gray-salt/

Wednesday – Zuppa Toscana http://www.gimmesomeoven.com/easy-zuppa-toscana-recipe/

Thursday – Leftovers! Clean out those fridges!

Friday – Pan-seared halibut and warm bean salad http://www.marthastewart.com/868515/halibut-warm-bean-hash#Quick%20Fish%20and%20Shellfish%20Recipes%7C/274502/quick-fish-and-shellfish-recipes/@center/276948/dinner-tonight%7C868515

Saturday – Date night! Take someone you love out to dinner!

Grocery List:


Lemons – 3

Fresh rosemary – 1 sprig


Carrots – large bag!

Bag of white onions


Fresh sage

Fingerling potatoes (the tiny ones!) – small bag

Butternut squash – 1 squash or a pre-peeled packet from TJ’s

Brussel sprouts – 1/2 lb, or pre-quartered in a package from TJ’s

Parsley – 1 bunch

Head of cauliflower


Small bag of orzo

Loaf of fresh bread – leave it out the night before making panzanella to get crusty!

Hot Italian sausage – 1 lb

Small pack of pancetta

Boneless skinless chicken thighs – 1 lb

Ground turkey – 1 lb

Halibut or cod filets – as many as you need

Jarred red peppers

Cannellini beans

Almond flour, if trying to be gluten free. The meatballs call for it, but you can just use regular flour if you’d like…

Half and half – 1/2 pint

Milk – 1 pint

*As always, this list omits things like chicken stock, olive oil, and spices that the average home cook has on hand. Double check before you shop!