Viva Italia!


I almost can’t believe it, but our 1-year anniversary is just around the corner in September. To celebrate – and because we never took a proper Honeymoon, unless you count that overnight at ye most glamorous Westin in Park City on our drive back to SF – we are taking two weeks off and spending them in the Mediterranean. First stop, ITALY.

Recommendations? Places to stay, eat, and see? If you were landing in Naples and had absolutely nothing else planned yet (ahem) for seven days…what would you do?

Thanks a million


4 thoughts on “Viva Italia!

  1. Lisa Hulbert says:

    Hi Hil, Nothing to see in Naples… head south to Sorrento – stop at pompei on the way then on to the Amalfi Coast – positano has some beautiful little places to stay… amalfi coast is incredible… maybe hope over to Sicily.. Taormina is beautiful…

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    • Hilary says:

      Thanks, Lis! You were so right – Pompeii was awesome, Sorrento was adorable and Naples was…blah 🙂

      Miss you! Hope you’re settling into the new digs!


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