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Heyo! I’m Hilary, and you have found my blog.

This blog is all about books and writing, cooking and eating food, adventures around San Francisco and the world, and the parties we have at our house. My life’s dream is to be a professional writer who reads everything, travels everywhere and throws more theme parties than is strictly necessary.

I’m getting close.

I am also a communications coach and public speaker. That’s LinkedIn-approved lingo for big time talker, something that often landed me in the time-out chair as a young and mouthy lass, but now garners speaking gigs and coaching clients around the world. Fun clients like Google, The Nature Conservancy, L’Oreal, Urban Decay, Samsung, AT&T and many more.

In my freelance life, I have written for publications like The Morning News, The Angelos, and as a ghost writer helping to shape the voice and narrative of company blogs and newsletters. Samples are available upon request.

My book, The Black Diamond, was accepted to the Henry Miller Library YA Masterclass for 2016.

I love coffee, real conversation, cooking and sharing knowledge about food and entertaining, traveling the world, planning epic vacations, prowling the Alameda Antiques Market, dancing in the kitchen, reading for hours, exploring San Francisco, spending time with husband, riding bikes, and writing, writing, all the time with the writing. Soooo all that’s here.

And now you’re here, too. And I’m very glad for that.

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