Friday Scraps

{Pre-event walk-through!}

. Babs is running for prez!

. Harmonious kitchens are stunning.

. Easter projects for the ambitious and design inclined.

. Loving Roseline’s series of great love stories. Swoon.

I don’t know about you guys, but this week has been oddly long. This weekend is our annual black tie affair for work, which is always equal parts excitement and stress. I’m looking forward to some yoga, some sleeping in, and a mani/pedi to help me relax and get zen before the big night.

What are you doing this weekend?

Friday Scraps

{Colorado Sunrise}

. Current inspiration

. Amazing ski video – I miss the mountains already!

. Chic recycling

. Quirky art project – I dig it.

. Love Camille’s tradition for a new year

This weekend is all about recharging, organizing, unpacking and so. much. yoga. Gotta stretch out those ski muscles! What are you all up to?

Friday Scraps

{My polka dot pumpkin. Or something. Swiss cheese, anyone?}

. I’ll definitely be following her!

. Excited that this cool guy came to work last week! My job is fun.

. Shoot!

. A fashion motto I can certainly get behind. (And yes, it’s true. I have a lady crush on our super classy FLOTUS. I admit.)

. Hot!

Young people! I’m off to New York! Since we land at 7 a.m., the first item on the agenda is coffee. That’s a mandatory. After that, I’m just looking forward to a weekend of fun food, Broadway shows, museums, libraries and the glorious city-ness of it all.

Happy weekend, you guys. Make it a good one!

Friday Scraps

{Bonfire on Ocean Beach}

. More about Le Diner en Blanc from its creator! The event was a blast – I can’t wait to share pictures!

. Litquake is such a gift for a girl who writes. This panel was so inspiring!

. Mason Jar love.

. Loving this subtle, mellow band. Perfect for bittersweet Fall days.

. This website redesign is gorgeous. Duchess Kate approves!

. Goodness she’s getting so skinny! (Please read this in a worrisome, motherly tone, not a tone of envy or congratulations. Because yikes.)

. If anyone wants to buy me bedding, I’d take this!

Happy Friday! As mentioned, I’m off to Yosemite tonight for a weekend of hiking and star gazing and roasting things over an open flame during these fleeting days of Fall. Wherever you go, whatever you do – have an amazing weekend!

Friday Scraps

{Picnic in Golden Gate Park}

. Loving Jordan’s oxford-under-a-long-sleeve tee + kicky shoes combo. Such a great way to layer without adding bulk or sacrificing her cute, tailored look.

. Searching for color…will distract you for hours.

. Putting the Himalayas on my travel wish list immediately. Whoa dang.

. I got in! Did you?

Happy Fall! The next few weeks are my favorite time of the year. I can’t wait to welcome the season with pumpkin pancakes, a bike ride, and a bonfire on Ocean Beach. Are you doing anything to ease into a new season where you are? I wanna know!

Friday Scraps

{Impromptu, post-work wine tasting in the dining room}

. One of my favorite celebrity badass chicks is most definitely Anne. If this isn’t hilariously badass, I don’t even know what is.

. Beautiful and badass (though in a modest, retro way), this lady is one of my favorites.

. Do-it-yourselfing is always badass.

Kate, Michelle and the power of fashion – interesting!

. The length that these women will travel to tell their stories is so inspiring.

This weekend’s agenda includes yoga, a day trip to the coast, and the season’s first pumpkin spice latte! What are you up to?

Friday Scraps

{Farmers’ Market Cherries – Yum!}

. Jamie’s real life breakfast at Tiffany’s. Swoon.

. Sports reporting with a side of hairstyle. Yes.

. Banana Republic’s Mad Men collection actually reminds me more of the look and feel of my very favorite Hitchcock movie, North by Northwest. Eva Marie Saint is so chic and mysterious and her dresses and coats? Divine!

. Loved this recipe spread and the quote “drunk on vegetables.” Hilarious.

. When the blogosphere is all about designer and brand new, it’s sweet to see Bri’s awesome and primarily thrifted outfit.

. BHLDN goodness! So many great ideas to take and run with.

I’m off to see Mickey Mouse! And to possibly wreck my body beyond repair by being the world’s most ill prepared half marathon runner. A very happy Labor Day to you!

Friday Scraps

{New Flats on Tile – at Coleridge Mini Park}

. Loved reading about Jenna Lyons – J. Crew’s uber stylish creative director – in this New York Magazine feature.

. It’s not very nice, but this post about the East Coast earthquake fallout had San Franciscans giggling this week. More earthquake-related hilarity here.

. Still having a Roman Holiday fantasy over here. No big. Portofino Green’s my favorite – what’s yours?

. The five things you need for Fall, according to the NYT.

. Steve Job’s elegant resignation letter. Best wishes, Steve!

. Molly’s post “How we do what we do” really resonated. As a creative person, how do YOU do what you do? I’d love to know!

This weekend is all about running, in preparation for the Disneyland Half Marathon on Labor Day! Hope you have a most wonderful weekend.

Friday Scraps

{Lily pads at the Denver Botanic Gardens}

. Have you seen the trailer for the new Daniel Radcliffe movie, The Woman in Black? It looks terrifying, yet there’s something so perfect about snuggling up on the couch with your significant other, a hot beverage, and a thriller, am I right? (Psycho + Nathan, I’m looking at you) Be careful, Harry Potter!

. Another movie still on my must-see list is Beginners. Christopher Plummer is still Captain Von Trapp in my book, and the trailer music feels perfectly French. Have you seen it yet?

. This how-to from Hits and Fits inspired me to reimagine a pair of muted fuschia shorts I impulse purchased from J. Crew last month, and Joanna’s boat shoe post only reinforced my decision. Imagining said shorts with my gold Top Sidersthis Frenchy striped long-sleeved tee, a messy bun and a dash of red lipstick for a weekend BBQ. Thanks be to the internet for helping me shop my closet!

. Everything about this outfit is perfect, right down to the dainty handbag and the color of those rockin’ shorts. Yup.

. The new Design*Sponge book looks just perfect, and Grace Bonney is too cute in the book trailer. This and the Domino Book of Decorating can come live on my coffee table any day!

This weekend is the aforementioned BBQ, a Sausalito picnic, walking the dog, and a candlelit dinner with friends. Have a good one!