Hegel the Hedgehog


If you are in need of whimsy or delight in your life, follow @theflyingzebra on Instagram. Not only is her photography beautiful and her feed a beautifully monochromatic experience but…there is a philosopher hedgehog named Hegel chairing the whole thing.

Go, go.

While you do, I am plotting how to get a hedgehog.

Off to London today! See you on the other side!

Friday Scraps

{From last week’s trip to Telluride, Colo.}

. Old book porn.

. Manly chandeliers! Mandeliers, if you will.

. Surprising facts about toddlers. If you’re into that kind of thing.

. Thinking about buying a crock pot this weekend so that I can make this. Right? Right.

Happy weekend, young people! We are all about pizza dates, yoga, and baking cookies around these parts. Have a good one. And if you have a cookie craving later, you know where to go.


Friday Scraps

{View from the Top of the Mark}

. I want to age this gracefully – and happily!

. Brilliant gift wrap idea.

. How to de-stress in only six minutes.

. I’ll take a wolf, thanks. But not a woof.

. Cracking up because a) I adore Mr. Rogers (well documented fact, people) and because b) I’ve done this, and yes, it looks almost exactly like this.

What’s on the schedge this weekend friends? I’m partaking in some date night, some pool sitting, and starting to think about packing for Vegas! Yahoo!

Friday Scraps


{Airplane clouds}

. Be green, be chic

. August snuck up on me (you, too?) but there are some things to love about this sneaky month.

. Peachy keen.

. Fall essential numero uno (and dos, and tres…)

. I am all Olympics, all the time, and I’m not the only one.

. I LOVE Le Pliage bag by Longchamp, and so does someone else

People. This week brought sun, sand, a quick trip to Los Angeles. This weekend is all about baseball, dinner with friends, and a long-awaited trip to Stern Grove to get our picnic on. What are you up to?

Friday Scraps

{Brother and Boyfriend pose like rockstars}

. Getting lost in a book or thousand.

. Legos + birds = awesome

. Herriott Grace, I want all of you.

. Making this to incorporate into weekend pancakes!

Wish us luck – boyfriend and I are off to The Color Run! Will we emerge looking like rainbow unicorns? Will we pass out in the heat? Will we go to Target three times in one day because we can?! Time will tell. Have a good one, kids.