The Bachelorette Finale!


GUYS! The night has arrived! Bachelorette Finale night! Who is she going to pick? For the first time ever, I think it’s going to be a surprise, which makes it way more fun to watch.

I’m Team Nick all the way. Not because I like him though – I just think that’s who she’s going to pick, however ill-advised it may be. Josh is a derp and Nick’s an even derper derp and it’s probably best if we all just move our attentions forward and start promoting #MarquelforBachelor and Chris for handsome neighbor/farmer eye candy next door. Window shopping is totally allowed when the goods on display have a megawatt smile and understand about threshing wheat from chaff and working the land and oh my Lord the Steinbeck fantasies are just too much to handle.

Josh or Nick – who do you think?

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post, wherein we shall have all the deets about our themed viewing party here in SF. Rosé puns need not apply because I used ’em all up already.

It’s all in the (Ladylike) Details

While I was underwhelmed by most of last night’s Oscar fashion, I thought two people got it exactly right: Tina Fey and Emma Stone.

Tina, like Michelle Williams, had an adorable peplum dress that was both flirty and flattering, and her hair was basically Oscar Night Barbie, but in the most glamorous way possible.


Emma, on the other hand, went for all out drama with a touch of whimsy, in a deep wowza red with a giant bow, in contrast to Michelle’s bow, which was of the twee variety. Since she is a person of the twee variety, I suppose that’s okay, but I like my bows giant and up near my face area. And who doesn’t?

Sadly for Emma, all the websites and newsy people seem to be slowly and sadly putting her on the ubiquitous and dreaded Worst Dressed lists.  HuffPo UK is even calling her a “massive dress error.” Dislike.

What do you think? Do you dig the giant bow? The tiny peplum skirt? Do tell.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go tell Sandy the rest of her dress is finished and she can ditch the white t-shirt. Also, I’d like to slap the beige right off Kristen Wiig, but I fell asleep just looking at her.

Red Carpet Trend Watch: Golden Globes

So, I’ll confess: I love red carpet coverage. Of anything. You could probably film suburban people filing out of Costco, make inane banter, ask them about who made their jeans, and watch them traipse off to make chili in the Crock-Pot and I think I’d kinda be into it. Especially if I got to sit in my living room and judge the outfits, which is what we’re doing now with the Golden Globes!

So far, we’ve identified four major trends:


{Stacey Keibler, looking smashing. See also: Viola Davis, Tina Fey}

Intense beading and glitter

{Diane Lane, golden and glittery. See also: Salma Hayek, Amy Poehler, Laura Dern}

Origami Details

{Natalie Portman, mixing red and pink again this year. See also: Glenn Close, Angelina Jolie}


{Sofia Vergara, hot damn! See also: Mary J. Blige, Elle Macpherson, Evan Rachel Wood}